Bleed kit for Shimano  STANDARD+ edition

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LONG TERM RELIABILTY! After more than 25 years spent in the saddle of a mountain bike it is safe to say we appreciate things that work when you need them. Just like a bike should work flawlessly when you are out there riding in the woods or vertriding in the Alps.


Bleed kit for Shimano: STANDARD+ edition (No fluid)

 Fits absolutely all recent Shimano 2012+ hydraulic brakes.



20ml Syringe with tubing

30ml Syringe with brass lever port adaptor with o-ring

Universal Bleed block for two and four piston Shimano brakes

Reusable extra long Zip tie for holding in place caliper syringe

Drainage tube

2 x Zip ties

2 x Fluid catch bag

Spare o-ring

Instruction manuals


PACKED: 24 pcs/box


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Wear and tear parts are identified as: Piston seal, o-rings, Rubber moving parts