Bleed kit for all Sram/Avid/ Formula: PROFESSIONAL EDGE edition SET with DOT 5.1 fluid

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THIS IS ALL YOU NEED!  So next time you can bleed your brakes by yourself. 24/7, weekends, daytime, night-time, anytime. It’s plain easy. Don’t miss a ride by driving your bike to the local bike shop. Ride more, drive less.


Bleed kit for all SRAM / Avid / Formula:
PROFESSIONAL EDGE edition SET with DOT 5.1 fluid

Fits all SRAM (also 2017+ models with Bleeding Edge™ bleed adapter), Formula and Avid hydraulic brakes. Not suitable for Formula CURA.

Bleed kit for ALL SRAM / Avid / Formula: Professional EDGE edition with DOT 5.1 fluid INCLUDES:

LIQUI MOLY brake fluid 250 ml DOT 5.1

Bleedkit assembly

Universal Bleed block for two and four piston brakes

Torx T10 wrench

Nitrile protective gloves (Size L)

Rubberband for securing brake lever

Spare o-rings

Spare large silica o-rings for TPX syringe

Instruction manuals




PACKED: 12 pcs/box






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