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Bunnyhop tribe's



We are fortunate to live in the southeast part of the Alps. Our rides take place in Slovenia, Italy, Austria and Croatia. Enjoy the photo gallery of the Bunnyhop Tribe!

You can also join and follow  Bunnyhop Tribe on the Facebook. Even more spectacular photos, stories behind the photos, tricks and tips from world famous Schpytzyo, Vertride smooth cat Luka Gratej, Mako and much much more. 

As you can see, some of the photos are taken on unforgiving high-altitude trails in the Alps. Before heading off for such trails, be sure your riding skills and general fitness are up to the task. Mountaineering experience is more than welcome.

Always wear protective gear and respect other trail users, the wildlife and nature itself.


Thinking about the brakes is the last thing you want to do while riding along such exposed trails. That’s why we take really good care of our brakes. Some trails are so long and so steep that you can’t let get of the brakes even for a second. Of course the brakes can overheat and fade. Old contaminated brake fluid with air bubbles is definitely not a good idea. The brakes should be regularly bled. Once a year is the minimum for bleeding any brake no matter how often you ride.