How to get more riding days

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 We all love to ride our bikes, but...



Perfect weather, not too hot, not too cold, time to waste, muscles in perfect form and perfect grip due to the rain 3 days ago... Avoid the limitations in your mind. Just go out there. Some of the best rides come from conditions which are not perfect. If you don't go now, you never will. Just go out. Be stronger than your excuses.


Get your bike serviced on time, not just before the ride. You might miss the ride driving it to your local bike shop.


Plan ahead. Check the long-term weather report.


Don't wait for your bike buddy to have bike time. If you do that, you will have to plan for two, not just for yourself. Going alone on a ride is always special. There are no excuses not to do it except your excuses. Be stronger than your excuses. We said that before. Yes, it is that important!


Join a local group that shares similar bike habits and skills. MTB mailing lists or Google groups will motivate you. Ask in your local bike shop about such groups. Group rides are fun. The beer after the ride tastes even better.


Spend some money on a babysitter if you have to and not on another bike part you don't really need. Your bike is for ridin' not for watchin'.


Go night riding. Lights are getting ridiculous cheap. Don't forget a backup. The woods at night are magical.


Seize the day, seize any chance. Even a one hour ride will make a difference. Have your stuff ready to go. Pack the day before the ride.


Get up early at crazy night time like 3-4 am. It will feel stupid at first, but being early (watching the sun rise at 2000 metres) will change your life. And you will get home earlier to do stuff that could stop you from going at all. 


Any weather is fine; you might want to invest in good rain/drizzle jackets. Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.